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Welcome TO Anime Hoshi

Anime Hoshi, Translates to Anime Star,

A family run business. AnimeHoshi.co.uk is a  site created to bring you the best of Anime merchandise, right to your front door.

We pride ourselves on our product quality control and extremely fast shipping times for our customers.

We have been currently selling our products on Amazon + Ebay but have decided to expand to our very own site. We stay up to date with the hottest releases and ensure we get our hands on them first!

We import our products from all over Asia and authorized distributors, this ensures that all our stock is 100% official and up to the standard you would expect.

Our team here at Anime Hoshi have been watching Anime for a very long time and are huge fans of all things Anime.

We are a friendly mixed group of people who put our customers and products first!

If Your Have Any Questions Feel Free To  Contact Us

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